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Looking for digital marketing jobs? Our agency may be the right fit!

Blaze Digital Services was founded in 2020 by Lucille Spann, after she spent years working at agencies (or with agencies) only to realize that she wanted to do business a little bit differently. 

First of all, work-life balance matters. Yes, money is important… but so is time. The company was built to allow for a healthy lifestyle. This means that when the team is working, we’re fully engaged, and when we close our laptops at night, we can walk away to rest and recharge so that we’re ready to produce at top levels in the morning. 

Second of all, we’ve been in jobs before where employees were rewarded for “showing up”. When you take a digital marketing job or internship at Blaze, you’re rewarded for what you produce. Systems and processes are in place, and projects are assigned so that everyone knows what the deliverables are. Then, employees are free to work wherever they want to get the job done. 

Lastly, our team doesn’t do it all! Work quality is very important at Blaze Digital. If we don’t think we can provide the best results for someone, we don’t take the job. The team at Blaze Digital wants to focus their time and energy on being experts in their areas of expertise.  

Does this sound like a fit for you?


Blaze Digital Services does not currently have any open positions. However, if you are an independent contractor or freelancer with experience in SEO, email marketing, digital advertising, or organic content creation for social media, please send over a resume and link to your portfolio and we’ll reach out if we have projects that fit your skillset. 

As a newly established agency, we are looking to bring on talented independent contractors and freelancers for various projects. As we grow, we are looking for folks who want to grow with us! Below are our current openings:

Social Media Specialist 
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Remote Digital Marketer 
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Blaze Digital’s internship program is designed to provide experience in digital marketing, social media management, communications, and content creation.

Click to read the job description for our Remote Content Marketing Intern position. 

In these roles, you will be closely supervised throughout your experience, which will provide you an opportunity to learn directly from leadership, ask any questions you may have before entering the field, and hone in on your digital marketing skills. 

We hire digital marketing interns for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. If you’re interested in being considered, email a 1-page resume, a cover letter explaining why you want an internship, and 2-3 references, to

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